Essential Tips for Choosing Custom Wheel Adapters


The wheel spacers are used to customize vehicles. The part is attached to the hub of your car. It creates distance between car’s body and wheels. It has become really popular among car enthusiasts as it completely changes the look of the car. It also offers better control and grip. The surface area under the wheel also increases due to this. One can apply it to any type of car. Everybody from truck owners to van drivers are using spacers so they can install bigger tires to their vehicles. Car manufacturers are also offering spacers to its new customers. But do not get confused by huge variety of spacers in the market. Keep following tips in mind.

1.      Model number and manufacturing year

The model and number and manufacturing year will decide what type of custom wheel adapters you are going to need for your car. Each car has different bolt pattern and design. It means spacer has to be customized as per the slots available at the hub. Customized spacer also ensures that the wheels are tightly attached to the main body of the vehicle. Original equipment manufacturers organize thousands of adapters based on brand and model number of the car. Manufacturing year is important because each year car makers try to add something different in the model and adapter has to be customized for that.

2.      High quality materials

The custom wheel adapters can be made for any car or brand. It’s the material that matters during the drive. High quality aluminum and steel are most preferred options for these parts. Aluminum spacers tend to be light weight and rust proof. But those are also expensive. The stainless steel adapters can be bought if you are low on budget. High quality materials are important to prevent wear and tear of the vehicle. Low quality parts can cause severe malfunctions and even accidents in some cases. High quality aluminum is perfect for drivers who are located in humid and moist areas. This prevent rusting of the parts.

The aluminum metal is specifically designed to survive in critical environment. It’s heavy duty coating is best of off-roading. The tough nature is best when you are driving on permanent roads.

3.      Sizes and types of adapters

Majority of the spacers follow 5 stud to 5 stud pattern for fitting. Very few cars have different patterns. You can get offset rims if you want spacer thicker than ½”. Any size of the adapter can be manufactured for car. The thickness ranges from 1″ to 4″ for customizations. You get delivery of customized spacer within a month after the order is placed. You have to tell manufacturer about rim bolt circle and hub structure of the car. Keep in mind that the money won’t be refundable if you wish to return the adapter. Being very specific at the time of order in terms of measurement will help you to get best out of your adapter.

Keep these tips in mind to get perfect adapter and enjoy your drive after customization! 

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