Saving money on modifications for your four wheel drive

If you have purchased a standard vehicle and modified it at all, you would know how quickly the costs can add up. You can easily spend twice the value of the four wheel drive doing it up. Whether that is engine modifications, suspension and tyres, bar work, interior work or one of the other hundreds of options, the cost of doing adding 4×4 Accessories can blow out extremely quickly.

If you are reasonable with power and hand tools, you would be surprised what you can knock out with a bit of guidance. With the forums that exist today, there are hundreds of good tutorials of how to build almost anything, and even those without much experience or skill can give it a go. Water storage is one of those things that is relatively simple to make up, and it will be extremely beneficial. Rear drawers are another accessory that aren’t that hard to make up, but they will make your storage options considerably better.

If you know how to weld, you have almost unlimited options. Maybe you need a new bull bar, or rear bar? You can knock up tyre carriers, roof racks, bash plates and the list just goes on and on. Youtube is a great place to start – there are thousands of ideas out there, and it isn’t too hard to get something that looks great, performs well and is a pleasure to have on your vehicle.

The last thing worth looking into is buying second hand gear. You would be surprised at what goes for sale for a massive discount, even if it is virtually brand new. People buy the wrong gear for their four wheel drives and find it doesn’t fit. If you can find those people, you will quickly score some great bargains. Be selective of what you purchase though; you wouldn’t buy a used tow rope as they just aren’t worth the risk!Find vehicles that are damaged, and you will get some incredible deals. Cheap four wheel drives don’t just land on your lap; they take some serious effort to find and buy!

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