Is It Truck Time or SUV Hour?


The debate over whether a Duncanville Dodge truck or SUV has been going on for a long time now. Which is better? Which will be better for you? Why do soccer moms have their own type of SUV? Why are there so many to choose from? Here is a breakdown that includes the benefits of each and whether a truck or an SUV is better for you. 

This debate is real and unfortunately for you, there isn’t really a clear winner in the fight since both are excellent options. The answer isn’t really so much as a fully bona fide winner. Rather, it depends on the situation and how you will be using it that determines which is the “winner.”

Scenario #1: SUV for the Win

Here is the first scenario. You and your wife have two kids and want to go on a camping trip. You’re both in the “tents for life” camp, and you both feel that those using travel trailers are not really camping. Since you won’t have to tow anything behind the vehicle and you have no passengers with you on the trip, a 4-door truck would work, but the SUV is the better option.

In this scenario, having an SUV with 4-wheel drive versus all wheel drive would definitely be better since it is designed for getting pushed harder than normal day-to-day driving. The SUV wins because of the following factors: 

The SUV has a completely enclosed cab. The kids will be more comfortable since the back seats on most SUVs offer more wiggle room while sitting down. Also, if the kids want to prematurely dive into your weekend snack supply, you don’t necessarily have to pull over to facilitate their cries. In an SUV, it is easy to just climb in the back seat and reach what they need. The whines would stop and the calm ride would continue.

Another winning factor for an SUV is the fact that if there is inclement weather, your whole family can sleep inside the SUV. Although it might be cramped, you would be completely sealed off from the elements.

Scenario #2: Truck for the Win

The second scenario involves the truck winning. Perhaps you are doing a remodeling project such as refinishing your basement. You are a handy person and know your way around a hammer so you will be getting the materials and doing the work on your own. In this scenario, a truck wins 10 times out of 10 for hauling ability. Not only can you haul all the materials to start and finish the job but you can haul a trailer just in case everything won’t fit in the bed, which it most likely won’t.

Scenario #3: For the Soccer Moms

Although they are frequently the butt of many jokes and online parodies, soccer moms are the real deal. They even have their own category of SUV. Soccer Mom SUVs usually have a third row of seats and a massive amount of options and additional features. These particular SUVs will most likely have all wheel drive and be painted a really classy color like pearl white. If you drive past your local sports park after school hours, you are very likely to find several of these SUVs. 

Ultimately, deciding whether you should get a Duncanville Dodge truck or an SUV is largely dependent on your situation. If you are taking kids to soccer practice or remodeling your basement, you will probably make different choices than someone who was responsinble for carpool every other day. Finding the right vehicle type for you means analyzing your situation and identifying your specific needs. 

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